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Image by Matt Hardy

Talk. Heal. Grow. 

Because we all need more time to 

                 s l o w  down 


Lighthouse Therapy Group

I started Lighthouse Therapy Group simply because it has always been my dream to open a private practice and be able to use my passion and education to care for and support others through challenging times in their life. It is so important to me that you feel valued. None of us are able to survive and thrive on our own- despite how much we may try. I want Lighthouse to be a place of calm and rejuvenation for you to come and have an hour that is solely for you. How often do you get time that is truly dedicated to you alone? 


I am here to support you in working through life's challenges. You are the expert of your experiences. I can help guide you in the direction of your goals. We will work collaboratively together every step of the way. 


I offer group therapy sessions throughout the year. I facilitate process groups- an open group led by the group for support, validation and feedback from peers. I also lead DBT skill groups where you will learn DBT coping skills to assist in interpersonal communication, mindfulness, regulating emotions and tolerating distress.


I have extensive experience working with DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and can incorporate these skills into our individual sessions to build your skill repertoire and give you more options in handling distressing situations or sitting with your emotions.

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